FAR References

FAR 26.102: Indian organizations and Indian-owned economic enterprises shall have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in performing contracts awarded by Federal agencies.

·        Sole Source Contracts, Eligibility No Protest (13 C.F.R. 124.517(a))

·        Unlimited Ceiling (13 C.F.R. 124.311(b))

·        ANCs may have multiple 8(a) companies (13 C.F.R. 124.109(c)(3)(iii) and 13C.F.R.124 105(h))

·        Past Performance of Predecessor Companies (FAR 15.305(a)(2)(iii))

·        Maximum Opportunity to Participate (FAR 26.102)

·        A-76 Direct Conversions (Defense Appropriations Acts, Section 8014

·        DOD Indian Incentive Program (5% Cost Incentives to DoD Primes)
(25 U.S.C. 1544 (Indian Finance Act Section 505) and 48 C.F.R.
26.101 Defense Appropriations Act (beginning in 2001)


·        Streamlined Procurement Process

·        Direct Negotiations with Customer

·        Supports Socio-Economic Goals (ANC/Tribal, 8(a), SB, SDB)