Professional Services

CGC provides a variety of scientific, technical, professional and administrative services and qualified staff that support the mission of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The scope of work under multiple task orders covers a broad range of support essential to CDC’s mission of collaboration for health protection.

Scientific/Technical support:  CGC provides research assistance, Epidemiologists that provide expert technical assistance in reviewing state plans with focus on medical screening to ensure the quality of health related activities carried out by each state, and microbiologic expertise to CDC to develop and evaluate diagnostic technology.  CGC also provides, Public Health Specialists, with the duty of coordinating communication and collaboration with the US Department of State and panel physicians in Mexico; Health Educators, designing and developing training, educational tools, and communications materials; Data Managers to maintain program specific data bases, reviewing reports, following outstanding issues/data points, recoding and cleaning reports; and Statisticians.

Professional support:  Regulatory Affairs Specialists, prepare and submit safety and annual reports to the FDA; Human Resources Consultants, Global Operations Specialists, Health Communicators, develop communication plans, education tools and materials for the public and non-pharmaceutical intervention communications, conducting and analyzing evaluations around communication for the public, state/local public health, schools, businesses and other agencies; and Writer/Editors. 

Administrative support:  Program and Operations Analysts, assist in developing and monitoring program budgets, track monthly budget expenditures, develop and direct the implementation of goals, objectives, policies, procedures and standards, interpret and comply with applicable federal and state regulations; and Executive and Administrative Assistants.